Hi, I'm Crystal Dawn.

Cosmic Coach.

Jyotisha (Vedic Astrologer).


Crystal Dawn (she, her, hers)

As a Jyotishi, trained by Dr. Katy Jane, I help folx see how they are connected to the whole...


How we are essentially imprinted by the pattern of stars and planets when we were born... Our core nature... The reason behind our births.

I love being able to tell people about their storehouse of gifts and talents. 

With my training as  Big Leap Coach with the Hendricks Institute and the Foundation for Conscious Living, I weave my relationship coaching practices with the healing light of Jyotisha to give you the sense that you can align with what is.

As a member of the Restoring Resourcefulness faculty, I am committed to sharing simple and powerful ways of befriending and releasing fear so that we can connect deeply with ourselves and others while favoring creative collaboration rather than conflict and adrenaline.


My programs.

One on one.

Enter a living laboratory where we co-create experiments that cultivate authentic play and personal transformation focused on relationships with yourself and others.


By learning to tune into your you-est you, discover the artistry of feeling feelings!

I love sharing this body of work because it works with your body.


After a coaching session, clients float out of the lab (my office, zoom, or telephone) looking and feeling like they just received a massage, more comfortable in their own skin, more open to receive and give love, and better able to relax into a thriving life.

  • Discover how to live life ecstatically.

  • Enjoy manifesting what you really want in life.

  • Create closeness with those you love.

  • Feel closer to all those you love. 


Go deeper in your relationship than you ever have before. Discover how to enjoy lasting love. Feel into what you truly want in your relationship and make it happen. 


  • Do you want more or better lovemaking?

  • Do you want to stop arguing about the same thing?

  • Do you want to experience a perpetual honeymoon?

Jyotisha - Vedic Astrology Readings

Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) is called “the eye of the Veda,” or 'the eye of wisdom.'

Schedule a reading with me to explore your birth blueprint or the imprint of the stars and planets at your birth.

Discover your planetary ruler, your best friend planet.

See which stars were rising in the east at your birth and explore how their archetypical myths resonate in your life.

Become the witness and feel into your life as a co-participant in your dharma and karma.

  • Find out where the planets and stars were in the sky at the time of your birth

  • Explore how the  myths that we live by affect relationships and careers.

  • See how the light of the stars shine on the planets and how their stories give insight to living life fully.



20 minute coaching sessions as often as you like when you sign up.  


"I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself."

- Maya Angelo