Personal Death Awareness

Live 2 hour Virtual Workshop
with Crystal Dawn

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

2:30 pst  4:30 cst  5:30 est

Do you have your affairs in order?

If you died tomorrow: 

  • Would your family and friends know what to do?

  • Would you feel complete with life?

In this workshop you will:

  • Receive a digital packet with practices and questions to consider

  • Clarify your concept/image of death

  • Consider how you would like to be celebrated when you are dead. 

  • Get curious about unfinished business with others in our lives.

  • Explore what you would like to say to special people in your life, if you haven't already said it elsewhere.

  • Discover your 5 Happy Death Goals (what you would like to have accomplished, completed, succeeded in fulfilling by the time of your death).

  • Look at Accepting Death.

This is a live virtual workshop and will be recorded if you cannot make it.


After you complete your packet,

schedule a free session

with Crystal to review your

Personal Death Awareness packet.

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10% will be donated to the Foundation for Conscious Living.

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