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Sade Sati Saturn Returns

Sade sati    Sadhesati


7.5 yr cycle of Saturn

Saturn return

When it transits the 12th house from the moon

Reports, remedies, sadhesati calculations

2 types

  • 28 yr cycle, then age 56, age 84 - return of Saturn’s transit in your chart

  • 7 year cycle – Sadhe sati –


What is it?


A periodic resetting of one’s life. Usually happens 3 times in one life

Almost like a soul cleanse

Like a snake shedding its skin

Does so in segments

Releasing, letting go, entering a new phase of life

Like monopoly come back to go and collect 200 and go another round

Usually a repeat of what happened before, history...

The more you go through it, the deeper you become, the more liberated.

Unexpected changes.  


Usually a period of loss:

            1st Grandparents

            2nd Parents

            3rd Yourself


All leading to a fresh start, a new turn in the round

12 Houses

HOUSES- Bhavas- 12 realms of being- relative to your rising sign- As always 1st house

  1. Rising core-essence, embodiment as a whole, highest life purpose, core expression, personality imprint, storehouse of gifts and talents, distinct individuality of self as a whole, the impression you give, part of you that will never change, most consistent aspect of yourself.    DHARMA   If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to live a purpose driven life i.e. mahatma ghandi.


House of the body... Keyword: The physical self... favorable... Aries/Mars... Appearance, basic disposition, behavior, general wellbeing, health, head


  1. Self-esteem, self-worth, your face, speech, structure of face, what comes out your mouth, habitual speech patterns, subconscious sense of self-worth how you express your value in the world, reinforced by people closest to you in early childhood, opinion of family members, people that influenced you most in precognitive state... “ill never be... Im not... I’ll never...”    ARTHA      If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to deliver a message to the world. i.e. Deepak Chopra


House of Accumulated Wealth.... keyword- finances... Taurus Venus, General family happiness, food and drink, speech, liquid assets, accumulation of wealth, right eye, face, tongue and mouth, teeth and gums, scriptural knowledge, study, precious metals and gems, concentration, truthfulness


  1. In born desire, willpower, mode of completion, action, self- improvement, arises through competition with siblings, praise for something we will go for it, if we get criticized for it we don’t go for it... might alter your direction based on who you have as siblings.    KARMA         If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to live a life of self-expression writing i.e. JK Rowling


House of Brothers... Keyword- Determination... Gemini/ Mercury... Siblings, friends, neighbors, courage, physical strength, hearing, ear diseases, salesmanship, art, dance, drama, music, voice, singing, memory, communication, writing, short travels, arms, hands, nervous system, ear, adventure, fun


  1. Emotional security, safety, happiness, home, mother, how mother helped or didn’t help you cope with first experience of separation, early childhood education, family of origin.  MOKSHA         If your planetary ruler sits here: Your life goal is to attain security, home and family. Queen Mother Elizabeth


House of Mother... Keyword- Feelings... Cancer/Moon.... Mother, knowledge, education (academic), the home, emotions, happiness in general, father’s longevity, foundational things, fixed assests, hobbies, leisure time, comforts, houses, boats, vehicles, buried treasures, things from below the earth, chest region (some say heart)


  1. Previous birth karma house of merit, mission in life, what you did that was good in previous birth that has given you your mission in this life, relates to children.     DHARMA

If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to share your good karma like Oprah


House of children... Keyword- Intelligence... favorable... Leo / Sun... Romance, love from spouse or sweetheart, love of god, speculation, spiritual techniques, past life credit, intelligence, discrimination, education (spiritual) authorship, maternal grandfather, pregnancy, mantras, yantras, discrimination, games, amusements and sports, business, government displeasure (taxes/irs), stomach


  1. Obstacles that make you stronger and enemies, value and self-worth from overcoming obstacles, immune strengthening, what you learn from overcoming hardship, indication of service.     ARTHA   If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to self-improve... like Bethany Hamilton


House of Enemies... Keywords- Service and Defense... unfavorable... Virgo/ Mercury.... Health or short term disease, competitors, rivals, opposition, litigation, enemies, intimidation and calamities from the opposite sex, struggles, physical weakness, mental troubles, wounds, injuries and accidents, pets, servants or helpers, employees, cousins, thefts, sexual diseases, poisons, abdomen, maternal uncles, stepmother, healers, digestion, bowels



  1. Intimate relationships spouses, romance and business, desire for partner, describes nature of the types of people you choose for these rolls.      KARMA      If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to establish intimate relationships like Kate Middleton benefited by marrying Prince William.


House of the Wife (partner)... Keyword- partnerships... favorable... libra/Venus... Marriage, love affairs (some extra marital), cohabitation, marriage like relationships, length of a mate’s life, business partnerships, trade, foreign residence or travel for trade, kidneys, lower back


  1. Inheritance from ancestors, fixed assets and things you cannot control, things that prick you, that unfinished business that your ancestors were not able to complete that they pass on through bloodline that come up with unexpected things. i.e. terminal illness, taxes, genetic disorders, lottery wins, insurance payouts,       MOKSHA-


If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to gain an inheritance or to build wealth through banking or investing like Warren Buffet... or a shaman power through untapped deep resources that come to you through good luck


House of Life... Keyword – The unknown and the chronic... unfavorable... scorpio/ mars... Longevity, chronic ailments, hidden things, scandalous behavior, embarrassment, shyness, accusations, desire for knowledge of the unknown or mystical matters, extravagance, unearned wealth, (lotteries, legacies), worry, sexual energy, vertigo or fall from high places, cheating, homicide, useless ventures, money loss, danger from poisons, house purchased from sale of ancestral home, manner of death, being overlooked, obstacles, unsucceful ate,pts, dreams, kundalini, walth of a partner, reproduction and elimination.



  1. Spiritual lineage, higher education, father, how you relate to authority, status of higher education that give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction,     DHARMA               ... If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to: to inspire belief, a guru, a guide like Dalai Lama


House of fortune... Keywords- Luck and Knowledge, very favorable, Sag/Jup, God, guru, philosophy, religion, the father, relationship with father, bosses, ethics, law, dharma, long-distance, travel, divine grace, educational institutions, spiritual knowledge, initiation, yogic practices, good fortune, renovation of holy places, connection with Divine powers or energies (devas), grandchildren, hip area


  1. Vocation, vocational achievement status, sense of worth, highest achievement in work that gives you fulfillment and satisfaction,     ARTHA     ... If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to fulfill an ambition like Richard Branson founder of Virgin airlines


House of Right Action... Keyword- Career... Favorable... Cap/Sat... Life purpose or career, fame, father’s reputation or position in the world, righteous action, compassion, clothes that promote one’s image, character, commerce, trade, business, trouble with childbearing, knees



  1. Wealth circle of influence, close friends, fulfillment of luck money influence, the people you hang out with and how they affect your wealth, kama-fulfillment of wealth.     KARMA       If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to win friends and influence people a lot of luck through wealth optimism, like Betty White


House of Gains... Keywords- Opportunites and cash flow... All planets are considered dood here... fav unfav.... aqu/sat... Cash flow, profits, opportunities, hopes, friends, dreams, wishes, influential friends, elder sibling, paternal uncle, mother’s longevity, influence of government or leaders of large institutions or corporations, wife’s impact on children, left ear


  1. Endings, the way things end, your life by how endings tend to come to you… status of freedom, legacy that you leave, death state, of freedom toward your sense of release, legacy, you die the way you live-           MOKSHA      ... If your planetary ruler sits here: Your goal is to leave a legacy with your death... not literally but through leaving things behind like foreign diplomats.. or like Anne Frank


House of Enlightenment

Keywords- liberation

Not fav for material life but good for spiritual

Pisces/ Jup

Liberation, enlightneent, sexual pleasures, detention, confinement (hospitals, prisons, long-term meditation), work in places of confinement, loss, pverty, generosity, quality of sleep and beds, self-sacrifice, spiritual journeys, pilgramages, or journeys to foreign lands, wandering, trade involving long travel, life after death, the nature of one’s previous incarnation, martyrs, self sacrifice, betrayal, tapas or religious austerities, clumsiness, feet




artha-goal, aim, ambition



1st -4th   houses a sense of foundation dharma artha karma moksha, impression of your early childhood, home family mother

5th -8th    how you will develop into early adulthood, a sense of growing into your own

9th -12th  the way your life culminates, achievement and fulfillment


HOUSES categorize your life’s experience

Your life has a basis, a secure foundation


KENDRAS (Angles) 1, 4, 7, 10          fortunate if you have a planetary friend or ruler in one of these 4 places


TRIKONAS (Trines) 1, 5, 9   Spiritual focus and direction- pattern of soul’s destiny



UPACHAYAS (Growing) 3, 6, 10, 11 places you can consciously improve, meant to go through things that make you grow... wouldn’t necessarily choose these.... can apply willpower


DUSTHANAS (Difficult) 3, 6, 8, 12   Have to face unexpected, pain and suffering, difficult, things you can’t control, doesn’t mean bad, depends on planetary rulers’ position is always positive... sand in oyster continuously refines through action.


MARAKAS (Killers) 2, 7 Through restriction you gain self-esteem and self-worth, “oh I’m on the wrong path, I’m aligning with wrong partners,” choice of partners that uplift you, also can be overcome

9 Planets



  1. Sun- ruler, position obtained through divine right, succession, father, ancestors, govt military officers, managers, traditional conservative values, captain of team

  2. Moon- Bear the royal heir, mother, support what grows, nurture comfort, where people feel at home, hospitality health care human relations anything with the public

  3. Mercury- has free time to think, thinkers, calculate, add everything up, analytical verbal math skills values, writers, engineers, scientists, mathematicians

  4. Mars- fighter, defender, like to come out on top, doers, put everything in motion, athletes complete, start-ups, emergency room, sports heroes, activists entrepreneurs

  5. Venus- artist, peace maker, deep desire to see heaven on earth, like beauty pleasure and comfort, united nations, creatives, mediators, connoisseurs

  6. Jupiter- guide, guru guide philosopher, experts at education, knowledge and judgment, start own religions, judges, phycology, teachers, priest inspirers utopians,

  7. Saturn big heavy democratic servant, disciplinarian task master, a little pain now to save you from greater pain later... working hard and not taking a lot of credit, willing to do all small things that add up to big things, healers, workers, build legacy corporations like ford, start small and end up being big, public servants and Politian

  8. Rahu and OUTCASTS, shapeshifters, rebel outsider, questions authority

  9. Ketu OUTCASTS, shapeshifters Drifter ascetic monk wise old soul





  1. Sun                 5.Leo                                       King                Sūrya  Ravi Āditya

  2. Moon             4. Cancer                                 Queen              Soma  Chandra

  3. Mercury         3. Gemini, 6. Virgo                 Prince              Budha = "intellect,"

  4. Venus             2.Taurus, 7. Libra                   Lover               Śukra = "drop of semen,"

  5. Mars               1.Aries, 8. Scorpio                  Warrior            Kuja = "born from the earth,"

  6. Jupiter            12.Pisces, 9. Sagittarius          Teacher            Guru ="heavy”             Bṛhaspati= "lord of sacred speech," 

  7. Saturn            10.Capricorn, 11. Aquarius     Servant           Śani = "slow-moving,"


  1. Rahu- what you will “go for” in life as desires         Rebel   like earthy airy especially Aquarius

  2. Ketu- what you will realize as futile                        Wisewoman/Wiseman             likes watery and fiery signs

Rahu and Ketu in rising sign position can alter or color qualities of planetary ruler, Plantery ruler is always most powerful element.



2 GROUPS- 2 polarities


Jupiter                         Saturn

Mars                            Mercury

Sun                              Venus 

Ketu                             Rahu

Moon                          Moon


Retrograde- means more of


When Mercury and Sun come together it brings intellect and charisma.

12 Zodiac Signs



Rasi- to heap together... sign is a heap of stars... each signs contains 2.5 nakshatras and houses their energies qualities and the unique core power that is expressed as your life force... channels star energies through planetary ruler


1.) Meśa - The Ram

Aries- moving fire, destroy so it can create, leaves everything behind,

[MARS pursues dharma- to make progress through fire]

“I AM”

Symbols – Ram, Seed Sprouting

Issues - Control

Key Concepts – Getting things done, Focus on advancing oneself and taking action

Key Word – Large. Aries would like recognition for themselves and the things they do and they will likely be a noticeable person.

Element – Fire, like a forest fire out of control.

Favorable Traits –

  • Self-assertive

  • Like to be first/number one

  • Like to compete/ambitious

  • Determination—pushing forward

  • Attractive to the opposite sex

  • Initiatory energy, Disciplined

  • You get what you see/nothing hidden

  • Courageous, enterprising,

  • Take charge/ great in a cause

  • Good starters/pioneering

  • Come from will power

  • Hot/strong /Have lots of fire

  • Hardy, self-sufficient

  • Success driven, gets things done

  • Decisive/blatant

  • Romantic, love adventure

  • Act on instinct/straight talker

  • Executive ability, forceful character


Unfavorable Traits

  • Don’t think before they act

  • Impatient, tactless, uncooperative

  • Burn out fast, leave tasks undone

  • Selfish, adversarial, aggressive

  • Tend to swing between extremes

  • Tend not to learn from their mistakes

  • Can’t keep a secret

  • Ends justify the means

  • Intolerant, arrogant, reckless

  • Seek overly simplistic solutions

  • Saboteur, jealous



  • Can die violently (head injury)

  • Have bursts of energy and lethargy

  • Like to argue—arguing is a sign of love

  • You can’t force an Aries to do something

  • Looking for the next conquest

  • Making the inner à outer

  • They don’t like it when you are not straight forward

  • Great healers—veterinarians


Allies:  Mars, Sun, Moon, Jupiter

(A strong link with the sun)

Opponents: Venus, Mercury, Saturn


Body – Height: short... Red Hair... Tend to be masculine in appearance.

Rules: Top and back of head

Places –

  • Forests

  • Plateaus

  • Newly developed areas

  • The furnace

  • Ceilings

  • Roofs

  • Places rich in natural jewels


Famous - MLK


2.) Vṛśabha – The Bull

Taurus- fixed earth, like a well-worn path, a plowed field, till soil so things can grow, sustenance of life

[Venus pursues artha to create prosperity through earth]

“I Create”         

Symbols – Bull, Shiva’s Ride

Issues - Comfort

Key Concepts – Keeping things stable, Focus on possessing

Key Word – Long, Taurus will do the same thing for a long time and feel good about being able to continue long after others have given up

Element – Earth, like a well-worn, consistent path

Favorable Traits -

  • Striving for a creative union

  • Sensual, affectionate, cheerful, charming

  • Has vitality/sustained energy / earthy

  • Purposeful, enduring, won’t give-up

  • Creating heaven on earth

  • Attract wealth, materialistic,

  • Productive, thorough, tenacious

  • Patient, steady, conservative

  • Strong willed, loyal & true

  • Hard to provoke, act deliberately

  • Love money and food


Unfavorable Traits

  • Stubborn

  • Tend not to learn anything, unoriginal

  • Reluctant

  • Self-indulgent, lazy, selfish, greedy,

  • Possessive, jealous, reactionary

  • Difficult to understand, boring, intolerant

  • Bound by routines, inflexible

  • ultraconservative, bigoted, uncompromising



  • Disinterested in things that don’t concern them

  • Like smells/aromas /gardening

  • Over accumulate stuff

  • Like having children /family

  • Value beauty, security of luxury & social position

  • Passive until they are roused then resent being stirred-up

  • Worshipers of the goddess-mother

  • Skilled at business


Allies:  Venus, Mercury, Saturn

Opponents: Sun, Mars, Jupiter


Body – Strong Physic, Short Stalky

      Rules – Face and throat

Places –

  • Fields & meadows

  • Lawn/garden

  • Closets full of nice clothes

  • Restaurants

  • Art galleries

  • Beauty salons



  • Drew Barrymore

  • Krishna

  • Gohala

  • Queen Victoria

  • Mick Jagger



3.) Mithuna- The Twins

Gemini – moving air like a back and forth wind, like thoughts that go back and forth, power can change directions introduce a second element— to materialize some kind of thought

[Mercury pursues kama desire... to bring two things together through medium of air thought two minds]

"I Discern”

Symbols – Twins, Polarity of spirit and matter

Issues – Finding Twin

Key Concepts – Making distinctions and communicating, Focus on thinking

Key Word – Even, Gemini will want equality in their dealing and fair exchange, which allows the flexibility and neutrality to seek intellectual truth

Element – Air like changing wind

Favorable Traits –

  • Handy, versatile, inventive

  • Genial, quick at making friends

  • Good reading, writing, oral skills

  • Good at conversation or speaking, talented at debating

  • Discriminating intellect/quick mind

  • Mental, intellectual, philosophical

  • Good with literature and music

  • Love to see things from new points of view

  • Love Vedic science make good Jyotishis

  • Good sense of humor, joyous

  • Great meditators


Unfavorable Traits –

  • ADD

  • Wandering mind

  • Say one thing then do another

  • Indecisive

  • Hasty

  • Changeable 

  • Restless

  • Nervous

  • Flirtatious

  • Fickle 

  • Irresponsible

  • May not finish what they started

  • Too much going on 



  • Mind works like software, egghead

  • Mutable

  • Chameleon-like

  • Love science/technology, video

  • Logical 1+1=2

  • Make good Acrobats, Jugglers, Fencers

  • Always looking for their complimentary opposite, best friend, soul mate

  • Need variety, trendy

  • Kids 9-11 love books by Geminis

  • Walking cerebrum

  • Enjoy chess


Allies:  Venus, Mercury, Saturn

Opponents: (Sun), Moon (head/heart conflict), Jupiter, Mars


Body – Sensitive nervous system, Light eaters, height average

      Rules: Neck shoulders, arms and hands

Places –

  • Village centers

  • Entertainment

  • Walking distance

  • Places that connect to other places

  • Places of transportation by air



  • Albert Einstein

  • Jerry Seinfeld

  • J.K. Rowling

  • J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Cher

  • Bill Gates

  • Vincent Van Gogh



4.) Karka – The Crab

Cancer is moving water- ebb and flow, flooding waters of a river in spring, to provide nourishment in form of water,


[Moon pursues goal of moksha liberation, emotional freedom to feel connected to all beings through medium of water]

 “I nourish”


Life’s goal is to establish home, family and security.

Life challenges are fear she won’t accomplish home family stability and insecurity.

Creator gives power to feel connected to all living beings. World family, every child, brother, mother is mine.


Symbol – Crabs One looking down, one looking up, Moving tides/ water

Issue – Security

Key Concepts – Supporting the “family.” Focus on feelings

Key Word – Emotions, Cancer is highly imaginative and evaluates people and causes by emotional intuition.

Element – Water, like an ocean current


Favorable Traits –

  • Care for others, good teacher / parent

  • Protective, good listener, intuitive

  • Emotionally open, appreciate correction

  • Proud, virtuous, laborious

  • Encouraged by kindness

  • Don’t hold grudges, loyal to mate and others

  • Ability to accept people unconditionally

  • Spiritual warriors for humanitarian causes

  • Instinctive, imaginative, supportive

  • Strong affections, always giving


Unfavorable Traits –

  • Changeable emotions, moody

  • Very porous 

  • Overly shy, self-pity

  • Can be mentally confused, hoarder,

  • Drawing conclusions from situations that might not really be there/deluded

  • Too dependent/clinging, doesn’t know how to disengage

  • Feels abandoned/discounted by others

  • Lack of self-sufficiency, worrier, penny pincher

  • Pick dysfunctional friends and partners

  • Jealous, oversensitive, too available



  • Hard outer shell/ soft inner

  • Home / family / mother=security

  • Not in deep water nor far from the shore

  • Life in water / like to have a cave

  • Like to create music by ear


Allies:  Sun, Moon, Jupiter, (Mars)

Opponents: Mercury, Venus, Saturn


Body –

Height: Average

Rules: Chest, Heart


Places –

  • Public health

  • Public school

  • Fountains

  • Kitchens

  • Plumbing

  • Reservoirs

  • Public places

  • All moon places

  • Midwife schools


Famous Cancers

  • Marylyn Monroe

  • Prince Charles

  • Al Gore

  • John Travolta

  • Sting

  • Tina Turner

  • George W. Bush





5.) Siṁha – The Lion

Leo fixed fire fireplace hearth fire, to provide sustenance light and life 


[Sun dharma to sustain life through fire]

“I sustain”


Symbols – Lion’s Head and Mane, Individualization

Issues – Trust, Loyalty, Pride

Key Concepts – Being the center of the universe, Focus is on commanding and directing

Key Word – Large, Leos will want to feel themselves to be influential and want to do things in a large way, their presence will be a large one.

Element – Fire, Like a fireplace

Favorable Traits –

  • Vital, generous, loves deeply

  • Skilled organizer, ambitious, willpower

  • Delegating, leading, dignified

  • Good at self-promoting, showmanship

  • Greatly honor those they admire

  • Great courage/fearless

  • Likes to fit-in hereditarily

  • Majestic appearance, charisma

  • Honored, well respected, sincere

  • Take trust in relationships very seriously

  • The world favors the Leo—reliable, trustworthy, fame and honor

  • Sunny personality, big picture


Unfavorable Traits

  • Can be lazy, vain, arrogant, overbearing

  • Issues with pride & vanity

  • Impatient, opinionated, boasting

  • Condescending, domineering

  • Not detail oriented

  • Power hunter, spendthrift, pompous



  • Centered in self—roaring lion, captain

  • King / monarchy—regal splendor

  • Don’t like to waste energy

  • Fame, power, wealth, success, leadership

  • Like to entertain/be entertained/hams

  • Can never be bossed by anyone

  • Self-employed, manager, head of company

  • Often have out of body experiences that lead them to spirituality

  • All sun traits


Allies:  Sun, Mars, Jupiter

Neutral: Moon

Opponents: Venus, Saturn, (Mercury)


Body – Men tend to be short and bald, Women tend to be tall with nice hair.

Rules: Abdoment down to naval

Places –

  • Mountains

  • Rocky high places

  • Machu Picchu

  • Forts, castles

  • Jungles

  • Deserts

  • Main halls

  • Govt. buildings


Famous –

  • Madonna

  • Uma Thurman

  • George Bush Sr.

  • Tom Hanks

  • Mozart

  • O.J. Simpson



6.) Kanyā-Maiden

Virgo fixed (dual) earth, that can be divided and made useful, practical use of material for survival

[Mercury pursues arta wealth success to be useful through medium of earth likes to make use of things make things practical

“I serve”


life goal is to help, serve and heal,

life’s challenges are perfectionism and a lack of self-belief,

which is why creator gives the power to manifest the object of desire in a Hasta Virgo.


Symbols - Maiden/virgin holding grain and fuel arriving on a boat—Goddess Durga (one who can redeem in situations of utmost distress)

Issues - Wanting to serve;

striving for perfection

Key Concepts - Perfection through purifying

Focus is on serving protecting, and improving

Key Word – Medium - Virgo will want to maintain moderation and balance in their presentation and activities, which allows them to stay realistic.

Element – Earth like a lush green field

Favorable Traits –

  • Oriented toward serving

  • Analytical, studious, high standards

  • Purifies & improves things to things to their ideal state, high standards

  • Gentle natured, sensitive, reserved

  • Methodical, prudent, hard working

  • Figure out practical solutions

  • Very positive, can’t tolerate negativity

  • Clever, witty, dry sense of humor

  • Very organized, detail oriented, tidy

  • Intelligent in a narrow or focused way

  • Skilled in literary culture, numbers/measuring


Unfavorable Traits

  • Very positive, can’t tolerate negativity

  • Clever, witty, dry sense of humor

  • Very organized, detail oriented, tidy

  • Intelligent in a narrow or focused way

  • Skilled in literary culture, numbers/measuring

  • Fault-finding, boring, busybody

  • Lonely, lack of self-promotion

  • Avoid conflict/ lack of self-confidence



  • Attracted to struggles and obstacles that can be overcome with effort

  • Making pearls from the sand in your oyster

  • Bearing of the cross/suffering servants

  • Striving for perfection in practical ways

  • Good with application of mathematics

  • Time is very important

  • Good in practical aspects of business

  • Can be good with hands on healing—midwifery, OBGYN, massage…

  • Like to be clean & well dressed

  • Sensitive nervous system/digestion


Allies: Venus, Saturn, Mercury

Opponents: (Sun), Mars, Jupiter, Moon


Body – Tall and thin

      Rules: Navel down to pubic bone

Places –

  • Lush green places

  • Corn fields

  • Granaries

  • Bookshelves

  • Shelters, hostels

  • Bath houses

  • Healing spas


  • Bill Clinton

  • Paul McCartney

  • Tiger Woods

  • Julie Andrews



7.) Tulā- Merchant 

Libra moving air perfectly balance enough to fill a sail so a boat can move across the water

[Venus pursues kama fulfillment of desires by finding happy medium through though logic air

“I balance”

Symbols – The other/ partner. The one opposite you

Issues – Not knowing how to discriminate

Key Concepts – Balancing and resolving opposites. Focus is on harmony

Key Word – Medium, Libra will want to maintain moderation and balance in their presentation and activities, which allows them to stay realistic.

Element - Air

Favorable Traits –

  • Very supportive of other people

  • Reassuring, comforting, friendly

  • Adaptable, flexible, balanced

  • Can be anything with anybody

  • Sees positive outcomes

  • Skill as middleman

  • States weakness in positive terms

  • Flair for fashion

  • Graceful, works to be in others good graces

  • Can see both sides of an issue

  • Want to evaluate what would be most fair


Unfavorable Traits –

  • Ambivalent, too adjusting/compromising

  • Avoids conflict / responsibility, vacillates

  • Charmingly manipulative

  • Ingratiating, narcissistic, capricious

  • Ineffectual, waits too long to act

  • Says   to everybody

  • Chameleon, dual personality

  • Tend to get in relationships with people who are self-absorbed



  • Social butterfly

  • Balance—mingling of light and dark

  • Always trying to balance energy/no judgment

  • Strongest ascendant—fairness /justice

  • Politics—leading through diplomacy

  • Like to figure out all kinds of people

  • Do well in business by who they associate with

  • Often married to foreigners

  • Have many friends of different persuasions

  • Tend to be artists, ambassadors

  • Always looking for a partner / complimentary opposite

  • Often gets married and divorced often

  • Need to learn how do discriminate


Allies: Venus, Saturn, Mercury

Neutral: Moon

Opponents: Sun, Mars, Jupiter


Body – Tall and Thin

      Rules: Bladder, uterus, ovaries

Places –

  • Shops

  • Tradeshows

  • Nice wardrobes

  • Jewelry stores

  • Art galleries

  • Dance studios

  • Ballet

  • Halls of justice


Famous –

  • Gandhi

  • Hitler

  • Sigmund Freud

  • Jimmy Carter

  • Jackie O

  • Laura Bush


8.) Vṛścika - Scorpion

Scorpio fixed water, like the water of a deep well, you have to pull it to surface otherwise it remains hidden, depths of feeling

[Mars pursues moksha or liberation by looking beneath surfaces of things through water feeling intuition]

“I devote”


Life’s goal is to question, challenge and revolutionize...

Life challenges are avoidance of personal power and authority.

Creator gives power of self-assertion.



Symbol – Deep inquiry, dipping down, sting, power, danger

Issue – Exposure

Key Concepts – Focus is on the unknown, Obtaining though transformation, seduction or investigation

Key Words – Deep/ Tenacious, Scorpio will only hold on to what is necessary and let go of the rest.

Element – Water like water deep in a well which you have to pull out.

Favorable Traits –

  • Like to support the underdog,

  • stay young for a long time,

  • Determination/ investigate deep knowledge,

  • supports and nourishes friends,

  • highly intuitive, deep spiritual basis,

  • can see what is underneath,

  • work well by instinct,

  • Make good healers—turning poison into medicine, resurrecting broken people

  • Deeply creative, connected with a deep source of passion, pleasure giving

  • Take pride in doing things unconventionally, many innate talents

  • Very devoted, inspires others to their higher selves


Unfavorable traits –

  • Can be competitive, push, strong willed, forceful

  • Don’t do well in school—rebellious

  • Critical, possessive, vengeful, controlling

  • Hypersensitive, speaks ill of others

  • Worrying, grim, overworked

  • Becomes victimized in love

  • Assumes and expects others to understand them

  • Getting intimate too quickly



  • Can be those things that prick you/that push you away

  • Doesn’t like to be revealed/privacy

  • Have a public & a private persona

  • Will disagree with everything, but will eventually see the meaning

  • Don’t like to be vulnerable/exposed, but great at exposing others—good spies

  • Self-reliant, don’t like to be told what to do

  • Like to figure out for themselves

  • Match well with Cancers

  • Death/taxes/sex/insect bites


Allies: Sun, Mars, Jupiter

Opponents: Venus, Saturn, Mercury


Body - Tall Rules: Hidden parts of the body.


Places -

  • Wells in desert oasis

  • Acupuncture

  • Real estate

  • Forensics labs

  • Interrogation halls

  • Medical school


Famous Scorpions –

  • Krishnamurti

  • Rajneesh

  • Princess Diana

  • Niche

  • Bob Dylan



9.) Dhanu- The Archer Centaur

Sagittarius diffusive fire like light of candle spreads like Aries yet gives light like Leo, ignites and spread but not destructive, likes to move like a glow,

[Jupiter pursues dharma to ignite ideas through fire that get people to think that change minds]

“I radiate”

Symbols – Ascension from earth to heaven

Issues – Fear of limitation

Key Concepts – Striving for freedom and fairness, focus on justice

Key Word – EVEN

Sagittarius will want equality in their dealings and a fair exchange, which allows the flexibility and neutrality to seek Spiritual truth


Element – Fire – Like the light of a candle radiating out

Qualities – Dosha: Pitta Guna: Sattvic... Sagittarius is primarily motivated by the possibility of doing something good. Direction: EAST

Favorable Traits –

  • The hope bringers/aspiring

  • Not fearful/sky’s the limit/ utopian

  • Health conscious, optimistic/self-confident

  • Good at writing

  • Inspirational teachers/big thinkers

  • Positive transformational spirituality

  • Open hearted/fair/just/loves truth

  • Vigorous, ethical, humanitarian focus

  • Benefits from constant mental and physical stimulation/loves sports

  • Everyone listens to a Sagittarius

  • Ethical


MODE GENDER- DUAL - Sagittarius will prefer being open to the many possibilities of life, as they are equally able to start something new or perfect what it has.


Sagittarius is a positively charged sign - given to action and external life.


Unfavorable Traits

  • Zealot, fanatic, pushy, greedy

  • Lacking tact, quick tempered

  • Don’t take responsibility/blame others

  • Idealistic/unrealistic/unreliable

  • Have a great fear of poverty

  • Opinionated/arrogant/loud mouthed

  • Not good at managing money

  • Needs frequent changes




  • Outgoing/outrageous--opposite of Gemini

  • Arjuna—what is right to do: god to human/human to god, Lead vision quests

  • Procrastinating, needs to be moderate

  • Maturity comes later in life

  • Matriarchal

  • Inquire into the meaning behind life

  • Bridge between athletics and intelligence

  • Real spenders

  • Impetuous—want to be able to do what they want to do when they want to do it

  • Not practical, not detail oriented

  • Good preachers/ministers—they get people to do things for them

  • Think, speak and act as they desire/don’t like to be told what to do

  • Don’t like to sit in one place and work

  • Flamboyant-can be drag queens (Venus)

  • Leaders of cults, create their own doctrines


Allies: Sun, Mars, Jupiter

Neutral: Moon

Opponents: Venus, Saturn, Mercury


Body – Height: Average Rules: hips

Places –

  • Temples

  • Estates

  • State/official residence

  • Treasuries

  • Cities-San Francisco, Paris…

  • Pilgrimages

  • Utopian places



  • Jim Jones

  • Billy Graham

  • Mother


  • Anthony Hopkins



10.) Makar- The Sea-Goat

Capricorn is moving earth, it will move heaven and earth, it will take every small step to reach top

[Saturn pursues arta wealth success by building a legacy through earth corporations institutions for future generations]

“I endure”

Symbols – Domination over Land and Sea

Issues - Integrity

Key Concepts – Prospering through, enduring, Focus is on Security

Key Word – Large, Capricorn will want to feel themselves to be influential and want to do things in a large way, their presence will be a large one

Element - Earth

Favorable Traits –

  • Willing to do anything, work hard, nothing is beneath them/serves others

  • Cooperate climbers, sure footed, get promoted/loyal

  • Practical, cautious, methodical

  • True to their friends and mates, respecting them throughout their life

  • Their position improves over time

  • Desires fame and name

  • Perseverance—great follow through/great reputation

  • Pride themselves on their integrity/honesty

  • Blessed with lots of different skills


Unfavorable Traits –

  • Can be pessimistic/feeling unappreciated

  • Dissatisfaction can be a problem

  • Suspiciousness, deals hard justice, cruel

  • Selfish, not quick to make friends

  • Success delayed, which can lead to depression

  • Overstrained, gloomy, worried, detached

  • Overly focused on security

  • Feels there is never enough time

  • Acting functionally with no affection as a parent or mate

  • Feels they have wasted their life



  • Overstrained, gloomy, worried, detached

  • Overly focused on security

  • Feels there is never enough time

  • Acting functionally with no affection as a parent or mate

  • Feels they have wasted their life

  • Like to organize things in their proper place

  • School of hard knocks/self-made people

  • Not anxious to get married early

  • Collect old and beautiful things

  • Prefer seclusion and peace


Allies: Venus, Saturn, Mercury

Opponents: Sun, Moon, Jupiter

Body -


  • Slums

  • Foreign countries

  • Dimly lit rooms

  • Corporate headquarters

  • Mining

  • Voting booth

  • Cliffs



  • Whoopi Goldberg

  • Billie Holiday

  • Jane Fonda

  • Andrew Carnegie


11.) Kuṁbha- the fluid bearer

Aquarius moving air like the distant winds of change, the smell of jasmine drifting across desert, likes to spread-out far out ideas from the future that remind us of the past, primary [Saturn kama desires to innovate a future ideal through spreading of thoughts air]

“I innovate”


motivation is to spread thought to benefit humanity.

Symbol- Ripples of water, bolts of lightning, electrically charged water.

Issue- not being understood.

Key concepts- Believing in the ideal. Focus is on Innovation.

Key word- Medium. Aquarius will want to maintain moderation and balance in their presentation and activities, which allows them to stay realistic.

Element- Earth

Favorable Traits-

  • Very service oriented

  • Do well in organizations

  • Good at getting people to work together

  • Make good serious actors

  • Very humble/try to hide their light

  • Innovative, intuitive, political interests

  • Shrewd, has talent and ambition

  • Has a great desire to study the character and behavior of their friends

  • Kind, sympathetic, accommodating


Unfavorable traits-

  • Absent minded

  • Impractical

  • Doesn’t recognize the value of their own talents

  • Stubborn, too secretive, paranoid

  • Masks their misery with lightheartedness



  • Can be eccentric/caught up in their head

  • Writers of things they can prove

  • Can appear stoic and aloof/serious/quiet

  • Enjoys both solitude and social activities

  • Shy/melancholy

  • Enjoy a better second half of their life

  • Not attached to their feelings

  • Tomorrow’s thinkers for today’s world

  • Tend to not care about appearance

  • Turn what everyone is thinking into a theory, or a social movement

  • Tend to not get full credit for their effort

  • Ideas that are meant to help evolve humanity

  • Ahead of their time/unconventional

  • Reluctant or incapable of following routines

  • Doesn’t dress like others

  • Benefiting-creating progress, uniting the tribe

  • Very fluid thinking/nourishing humanity

  • Very humanitarian in terms of ideology

  • Good at science/theories/taking to new realm

  • Philosophical in a practical beneficial way


Allies: Venus, Saturn, Mercury

Opponents: Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter


Body – Average Height

      Rules: Calves, lower legs, ankle

Places –

  • Agrarian communities

  • Science research

  • Antique stores

  • Cremation grounds

Famous –

  • Mohamed

  • Carl Marx

  • Lincoln

  • Alexander Graham Bell

  • Janice Joplin

  • Deepak Chopra



12.) Mīna- Fish, Precious Stone, Name of Shiva’s Wife

Pisces expansive water like a vast limitless ocean, two fish swimming thinking they are going in separate direction when there is only one direction

[Jupiter pursues moksha liberation through the collectivity of water, water that flows through everything the collective mind, free through water]

“I intuit”


Symbols - Two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Reconciling differences.

Issues - Assertion of boundaries

Key Concepts - The stream of Consciousness flowing back and forth Between heaven and earth, Focus is on Believing & The spiritual world

Key Word – Medium, Pisces will want to maintain moderation and balance in their presentation and activities, which allows them to stay realistic

Element – Water like the ocean

Favorable Traits –

  • Deep sensuous knowing—oceanic

  • Deeply spiritual/psychic nature

  • Tends to have good imagination

  • Cut people slack

  • Inspiring, sympathetic, contemplative

  • Wants romantic/heavenly life

  • Good at calming people down

  • Eternal child—innocence

  • Good at making people feel comfortable

  • Unbounded generosity, socially skilled

  • Polite, modest, charismatic or magnetic

  • Attracted to concepts of enlightenment and liberation

  • Great connection with children & elderly

  • Love people who are different and make them feel at home

Unfavorable Traits –

  • Can be overly generous/promise the world, naïve, restless, too utopian

  • Changing opinion to align with others

  • Poor financial planner

  • Catch on too late

  • Overly sensitive to criticism

  • Lack of confidence, procrastination

  • Sensitive to their environment

  • Appear weak or defenseless

  • Thinks about love but doesn’t act on it

  • Not interested enough about putting in effort to be successful

  • Get addicted to drugs & alcohol

  • Don’t like the limitation of being embodied

  • Subject to discontinuous or disconnected thinking


  • Culmination of life

  • Unity of opposites/connection with intuition

  • Want to know what comes after life

  • Regeneration/plentitude/multitude

  • Romantic—dream of faraway places/travel

  • Love to be near water

  • Make great poets/not logical

  • Make good hypnotists/mystical

  • Always looking for what is underneath

  • Make excellent counselors

  • Make great spiritual teachers (Jupiter)

Allies: Moon, Mars, Jupiter

Neutral: Sun

Opponents: Venus, Saturn, Mercury


Body – Short and Fat

      Rules: Feet

Places –

  • Watery places

  • Monasteries

  • Sanctuaries


Famous –

  • Walt Whitman

  • Barbara Streisand

  • John Lennon

  • Black Elk




  1. Sun                 5.Leo                                       King                Sūrya  Ravi Āditya

  2. Moon             4. Cancer                                 Queen              Soma  Chandra

  3. Mercury         3. Gemini, 6. Virgo                 Prince              Budha = "intellect,"

  4. Venus             2.Taurus, 7. Libra                   Lover               Śukra = "drop of semen,"

  5. Mars               1.Aries, 8. Scorpio                  Warrior            Kuja = "born from the earth,"

  6. Jupiter            12.Pisces, 9. Sagittarius          Teacher            Guru ="heavy”             Bṛhaspati= "lord of sacred speech," 

  7. Saturn            10.Capricorn, 11. Aquarius     Servant           Śani = "slow-moving,"


  1. Rahu- what you will “go for” in life as desires         Rebel   like earthy airy especially Aquarius

  2. Ketu- what you will realize as futile                        Wise woman/Wiseman           likes watery and fiery signs

Rahu and Ketu in rising sign position can alter or color qualities of planetary ruler, Planetary ruler is always most powerful element.


Favorable traits will manifest if the rising sign is affected in a positive way. For example, if the rising sign’s ruler is placed in a favorable sign and house.


Unfavorable traits will manifest if the rising sign is affected in a negative way. For example, if the rising sign’s ruler is located in a sign of debilitation, or an enemy.

27 Nakshatras

The 27 Nakshatras include Ashwini,










Purva Phalguni,

Uttara Phalguni,














Uttarabhadra, and