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5 ways to Practice Acceptance

Do you want to be more located in your body and more present with yourself? Do you want to engage with loved ones in a way that is grounded and centered? Do you want to be able to respond to things that happen in life with compassion and friendliness?

Discover the practice of ACCEPTANCE. The benefits of accepting are endless.

Accepting helps:

• You to be located in the present.

• You to not worry about the future.

• You to stop ruminating about the past.

• You transform and evolve.

• You create a real sense of peace by creating less suffering.

Following are 7 Real Ways to Practice Accepting

These are actions that you can do standing up with your whole body involved.

  1. Listen with the whole body. Tune into any thoughts or feelings about what you are facing and scan your body. As you think about what you are facing (or NOT facing), notice any signals from you body. Do you feel tightness in your throat, chest or belly? Do feel warmth anywhere or tingly?

  2. Give your whole attention to the in breath and out breath. Breathe into and relax your belly. Follow your breath all the way to the ends of the in and out breath. Exhale completely. When you think you can't breathe out anymore, squeeze your belly and empty your lungs all the way.

  3. Ask yourself, "What’s the hardest thing to accept about …. ?" Encourage your whole body to listen for the answer. Continue to ask yourself this question as the answers change and evolve.

  4. Hold out one of your hands and say, "I want to accept this…." Hold out your other hand and say," And, I don’t want to accept this…" Continue this practice of filling in the blank as you hold out your hands, one at a time. ...on the one hand…. and on the other….

  5. Notice if any feelings come up. For example, I am willing to accept this and I feel mad.

Use ACCEPTING as a spiritual practice.

Remember Carl Yung's quote, "What you resists, persists."

These practices are like magic moves and often create a sense of ease and release.

Let me know how it goes as you practice accepting what is.

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