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Amplify how you communicate!

Reboot or get curious about communication!

Are you communicating in a way that is landing? Is what you say being heard? Do you feel heard? Are you able to really get your point across? Are you making requests directly? Can you make a direct request comfortably? Does communication come easily to you or do you feel stifled when you communicate? When you communicate, do you get scared?

Communication is an art. If you are speaking to someone and they are really listening, you can feel it. You can feel your communication land. The pleasure of that can really turn you on.

Communicate in a way where you stop, wait until the person you are talking to stops, looks at you, pauses and listens. No more drive by communications!

To be willing to wait for your communication to land and to be willing to wait for whoever you are talking to, to pause and become available for communication is a simple yet powerful practice.

Conversations created in passing are not nearly as pleasurable as when you turn towards and face the person you are talking to.

Pause and really feel each other’s words.

Be affected. Be touched.

Notice what happens inside yourself as you are listening, as you are communicating.

Another Conscious Communication I invite you to practice, is the art of the toss.



1. Choose who will be the communicator and listener first. Whoever is talking has the ball.

2. Communicator talks about something they want. Then tosses the ball.

3. Listener catches the ball/ balloon and says one of these three phrases,

a. "Tell me More."

b. "Then what happened/s?"

c. "What interested you most about that?"

4. Listener tosses the balloon back.

5. Toss the ball back and forth.

6. Time yourselves for 2 minutes and then switch who is the communicator.

Catch the communication. Feel it, respond, be touched. Toss words back and forth like a good game of catch.

Consciously communication is one of the keys to having and living integrity.

Communicate freely and listen generously.

Some suggested commitments are:

I commit to communicating consciously.

I commit to letting my communications land.

I commit to communicating in an easy and friendly way.

I commit to creating a good time in my relationships through communication.

I commit to communicating what is true for me.

I commit to communicating congruently, showing what is inside, outside.

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