• Crystal Rios

FREE 5 Day Breathing Challenge

Lately I have realized that I have been playing it small. Facing into this...

I decided to create a free series of practices to share with you that has helped me so much during this global pause.

This pandemic has become a catalyst for me to reboot, resource, and choose into how I really want to be living life.

Leaning into creativity as I grieve the loss of so many... so much... I breathe.

I have been discovering new (to me) ways of breathing. Like, breathing LESS not more. Imperceptible breathing.

How would you feel if you had a go to practice that could soothe your nervous system when you hear more terrible news?

Imagine if you had tools (life hacks) that became like second nature, that could give you:

  • peace of mind

  • courage to feel your feelings

  • awareness of your body

  • the ability to think clearly

  • a way to get along with loved ones

  • and respond more thoughtfully.

If you are feeling the stress of daily living and want to stop bickering with yourself and others...

If you want to live life more fully and make your dreams come true...

And, if you want to dream up a world where you are happy, healthy and free...

Join me for my FREE 5 Day Breathing Challenge.

Beginning Tuesday, May 25th, focus on breathing practices that:

· increase aliveness,

· better relationships and

· reduce stress. So, help me co-create a practice where we are all better able to breathe through the rough times, take in life fully and enjoy life. Take part in this FREE online event by clicking here. And, give yourself a breath for all of the blessings in your life, right now. Your freedom. Your aliveness. The fact that you are fed and clothed and have a device that connects you so easily with the world and knowledge. We are so rich.

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