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What is the benefit of having your chart read?

Aligning with your highest light!

Come home to yourself.

Vedic Astrology is Jyotisha. Jyotisha means "the light of god in Sanskrit." It is actually a healing art that helps awaken your own capacity in your nervous system to become in harmony with what is. It is the inner light we all posses.

The patterns seen in the planets and stars:

Make meaning of your life stories by exploring the myths of the planets and stars. These stories tell us everything about the light that is you and how it shines in the world.


  1. Experience a spiritual chiropractic adjustment back to self.

  2. See your rising core essence.

  3. Discover your highest life’s purpose.

  4. Expand your storehouse of gifts and talents.

  5. Love the part of you that will never change, the most consistent aspects of yourself.

  6. Become the witness.

  7. Develop your goals.

  8. Expand your awareness of planetary influences.

  9. Co-participate with your dharma and karma.

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