• Crystal Rios

"Hey Babe."

Do you call your partner Baby or Babe?

Do you feel like you are in the role of parent or child in your relationship sometimes?

Do you notice that some of the repeating issues that come up are familiar or similar to relationship dynamics from your childhood?

Does your partner remind you of a sibling or parent?

Do you have children or want to have kids?

This blog touches into our inner child and loving that inner child. It also shines the light on how you show up in your relationship. Showing up as your 4 year old self can bring relationship conflict to the surface. Showing up authentically, as your current age is a key to dropping the drama that can destroy a relationship.

When our personas from childhood are showing up and trying to drive the bus, give them the attention they need and then show up as your authentic self.

And, if you have children, this blog addresses the issues that come up because of different parenting styles.

Kids change everything. They change where the attention goes.

Most couples begin to prioritize children. And, when they are babies, they need that attention for safety and bonding. As children grow, they need to see that their parents love each other and value giving each other attention.

Model conscious communication, generous listening and emotional literacy.

The stress that comes with parenting can be alleviated by breathing, pausing, and giving generous attention.

When a child is feeling big feelings, validate them. I saw a parent in the parking lot of a grocery store who was saying, “Why are you crying? There is no point. There is no reason for you to be acting that way. You are not getting what you want.”

It broke my heart. I imagined going up to the small child and saying, “I see that you are upset. Feel that anger all the way. Feel that sadness all the way. I hear you.”

Nurture your relationships as if they were your own children.

Suggested Commitments:

I commit to giving generous attention to myself and to my beloveds.

I commit to being authentic in my relationships.

I commit to play with my children.

I commit to have fun in my relationships.

I commit to validating my feelings and others’ feelings.

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