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How do you ACCEPT what is?

Are you accepting of yourself? Are you willing to accept yourself? Are you accepting of what is? Are you willing and able to accept your partner? Is accepting what is an easy thing for you to do? Do you distract yourself from looking at what is so as not to accept it? Are you accepting of your own behaviors, feelings, choices, and ways of being? Are you accepting of others?

Before you get to accepting, we suggest FACING.

Look at what is. And, if what is, is not something you are willing to accept then face that you are not willing to accept.

Face, not accepting. Accept that you are not facing. Accepting is a practice of including all that is.

Accepting is an opportunity to see and give attention to what wants to be given sensitive awareness.

Sometimes our attention is all we need to give to be able to accept.

In relationships and circles of friends, the need and desire for acceptance is part of how we evolved.

If someone was shunned for something they did, they were sent away often to their death.

There is still that fear for many of us; the fear that I could die if I did not belong.

In relationship, acceptance is often something that someone looks for outside themselves.

Accepting is an inside job.

Try facing and accepting something that is true.

In my marriage, I practice facing and accepting daily. If my wife is doing something that I do not like, I face and accept. Or, if she not doing something want her to do, I face and accept. I have this simple practice to use.

For example, I wanted her to wash the garbage can. I made a clear request and she did not want to do it. I faced that she did not want to do that chore.

I faced my feelings of anger and fear that came up. I faced the stories I was making up about how she is lazy or messy, how she “never” says yes to my requests.

I faced my desire of having a clean stain less steel trash bin. I accepted what I was facing and chose to clean the bin myself.

Part of what I faced was not wanting to accept that she would not clean the bin.

In facing that, I was able to be in choice.

I was able to accept her choice and in so doing accept myself and her.

Accept what is by facing what is.

Suggested commitments:

I commit to facing my feelings.

I commit to accepting what is.

I commit to enjoying living a life in acceptance.

I commit to facing and accepting as a practice.

I commit to accepting all of myself.

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