• Crystal Rios

How FACING can be easy.


That's right. Get up right now!

Think about an "item," something that you have been ruminating about, concerned about, or thinking about.

Using your imagination put that "item" somewhere in the space around you. For example, behind you.

Then give yourself permission to face the item and turn away from the item several times.

That's right. Physically, turn your body to face the item.

Then turn your body away from the item.

Go fast, slow, take a peek and then don't face the item for a while. Get creative.

That's it!

This practice alone has shifted so much for me. Many problems are born out of avoidance!

What else are you doing instead of facing what is? Looking on your phone? Eating? Getting busy? Starting drama?

Do this when something good happens, when something is hard, when you are tired, when you have something you don't want to do but you need to get it done...

Do this with a relationship item. Do this practice of FACING with the state of the world.

I think my favorite part of this practice is giving myself the opportunity to consciously NOT face. It feels better than facing sometimes and makes it so that I am available to FACE.

Noticing body sensations and using your breath and curiosity, experiment with this practice of facing and let me know how it goes.

Here's to facing what is in an easy and friendly way!

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