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Difference between Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology

The main difference is that Western is based on the calendar and the seasons and

Vedic Astrology is based on the Sidereal Sky,

the position the planets and stars are in when you look up.

Vedic Astrology:

Is based on astronomy… the sidereal sky… what you see in the sky when you look up...

Born out of the ancient seers and Vedic priests in India who saw and heard the patterns of the stars and planets.

Accounts for Precession of the equinox…. Since the Babylonian era (258AD) the wobble of the earth’s axis has pushed the vernal equinox back by 53 seconds a year.

Explores the 27 Nakshatras: Sanskrit for eternal, omnipresent, fixed, non-changing.

Based on the rising sign. Read from ascendant and/or Moon.

Ascendant (Lagna): rising core essence, intersecting point where the moment, the degree where the soul came in… if the soul came from the sky.

Still practiced as it was conceived 5000+ years ago.

Inseparable from Yoga and Ayurveda: holistic/ integrated.

Connected to Indian thought and the study of eternal thought… Connecting limited mind to cosmic mind.

Western Astrology:


Based on the Gregorian calendar and the seasons

Uses the fixed zodiac from the vernal equinox.

Doesn’t take into effect the wobble of the earth on its axis.

Sun centered: solar arcs

Sun passes crosses 4 points every year:

  • Winter solstice

  • Spring equinox

  • Summer solstice

  • Autumn equinox

Based on the SUN sign … I am born on June 4, therefore I am Gemini.

Sun: personality, identity, ego, me, soul, supreme self

Ancient Greece used Sidereal …

It was not until Persia reconstituted this in 8th and 9th century and translated ancient greek to Arabic.

Antagonistic to Christian Culture and allopathic medicine

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